Hertz, Hoskins celebrate 35 years at NAWCWD

Hertz, Hoskins celebrate 35 years at NAWCWDShawn Hertz, left, and Chris Hoskins celebrate a combined 70 years of service at China Lake — U.S. Navy photo by Paul Kakert



NAWCWD Public Affairs

Shawn Hertz and Chris Hoskins, two Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division employees who have worked alongside each other for the better part of their careers, both celebrated 35 years of service during a ceremony Nov. 28 at China Lake.

“We thank you for your many years of service in the same organization,” said Dan Carreño, director of NAWCWD Weapons and Energetics.

“I don’t know how often that happens. Obviously, you both have shared a great career together.”

Though the two have cleaned up mud together in Michelson Lab following the infamous flood of August 1984 and even work in the same Life Cycle Environmental Engineering Branch today, Hertz and Hoskins are experts in their own right.

Hoskins is a computer scientist who has been instrumental in developing numerous custom software applications for processing, analyzing and presenting laboratory and field-measured data. He’s led several efforts in developing automated data acquisition and analysis systems in addition to being recognized as a NAWCWD LabVIEW programming expert.

“It’s been my greatest pleasure to work under the 4.7 organization and for Shawn Hertz in Environmental,” Hoskins said. “I’m having a great time and it’s just been fabulous from an educational and work standpoint.”

Hertz, who is a weapons flight clearance technical area expert in the areas of shock, vibration and acoustics, has served as a working group member for National and International Environmental Engineering and Test Standardization.

Additionally, he has led several projects in virtual vibration testing, carriage life monitoring of external air carried stores, aircraft-weapon interface force measurements and energetic materials degradation under vibration exposure.

Hertz is a Naval Air Systems Command Associate Fellow and is a recipient of the Michelson Laboratory and Dr. L.T.E. Thompson Awards.

“Thirty-five years, on the surface, went by really fast,” Hertz said. “I think about all the people that I’ve worked with and met, all the projects I’ve worked on and supported, all the places I’ve been, all those experiences, successes and failures. I’m certainly grateful for every day I have the opportunity to come to work and contribute.”

Story First Published: 2019-01-04