Editorial: The Wonder of Christmas

How does one define “wonder”? Perhaps we cannot explain it, because wonder is an experience that captures us.

Some of the powerful images that symbolize the season are full of wonder — the Bethlehem star, the only one in recorded history that stood still. “It stood over the place where the young child lay.” It guided Wise Men from the East afar. “The wise men were filled with wonder.”

As far as we know, there has been no other times in history when angels came to earth and filled the sky. They sang a clear message that resounded across the Judean hills — “Peace on earth, good will toward men.” The shepherds, who were in the nearby hills, were filled with amazement — and wonder.

These “wonders” burst forth at a very dark time in human history, more than 2,000 years ago. A wonder on the world’s stage. A time of such great significance that man would for all time divide time with a new calendar — before and after the birth of Christ.

No wonder this season of celebration lifts our spirits 2,000 years hence. The mood of the whole world changes and a spirit of giving and love works its way into the busiest of lives.

Wonder reflected in children’s eyes remind us who are older of treasured memories of our childhoods — wondering what was under the Christmas tree, special family gatherings around the dinner table. Oh, the wonder.

It’s not so important what goes on in our heads, but what goes on in our hearts that brings about change — especially in a time when our lives are ready for a fresh breath of inspiration and hope.

It’s a season bringing more hugs, more kisses, more warm handshakes, more gift-giving — all ways of expressing love and care.

Nevermind trying to define that wonder. Just experience it. Nurture it. Share it. Allow it to linger a while. Perhaps all of us need a little melting of our hearts so that we can carry this spirit of wonder into the new year. The Christmas spirit is the spirit of life and love — not to define, only to experience.

— Pat Farris, publisher

Story First Published: 2018-12-21