To the Editor: ‘We need and deserve better’

There are so many good, kind people in this country — people who care about their fellow human beings, people with empathy, people who volunteer tirelessly to help others, pray for others and show compassion for others.

Unfortunately our president is not one of these people.

Acting as the bully-in-chief each and every day, he thinks only of himself and his bank accounts. His priorities are to divide and conquer, not to lead and nurture.

The president’s “America First” policies serve to divide Americans from each other and America from the world.

As this president further spreads his autocratic wings, believing that he and he alone rules this country, we find ourselves looking to those good people, those caring ones you and I know, to extricate us from this hell of racial and social divide, all fomented by an ignorant man who pervasively lies every day and cannot lead or govern, but rather insists on ruling and destroying.

We need and deserve better.

Ruth Gleason

Story First Published: 2018-12-07