To the Editor: City should be open to casino

Having lived and worked in Ridgecrest from 1986-2012, I’ve seen what happened during the recession and the scars it has left on some businesses there. Our family now lives in Palm Desert, and there are several large and small casinos in the Coachella Valley.

The City Council and Economic Development should visit Agua Caliente, Fantasy Springs, Spotlight 29 and the spa here. These provide shows, restaurants and fantastic entertainment, along with jobs. They also assist Native Americans in obtaining employment and funds for their members. There are no major crimes coming from these businesses.

The location, next to the front gate, may not be the most advantageous, but it can always be changed to another area such as the south end of Ridgecrest.

Has anyone checked with Bishop to see the impact, if any, on the town with the casino built there?

If the city expects to develop in a positive manner, it needs to allow all types of businesses to be constructed.

Renee Lovern

Story First Published: 2018-11-21