Alamo achieves 40 years of service

Alamo achieves 40 years of serviceMichael Alamo receives his award from Rear Adm. Scott Dillon — U.S. Navy photo by Paul Kakert



NAWCWD Public Affairs

Michael Alamo was honored Oct. 25 by Rear Adm. Scott Dillon, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division commander, for 40 years of service.

Alamo, who supports the Research Directorate at NAWCWD, leads cybersecurity. After serving just over 11 years in the United States Air Force supporting areas such as the Minuteman Missile, and aircraft and weapons development and integration, Alamo arrived at China Lake as a field service engineer.

“A 40-year length-of-service award represents the culmination of expertise in all of these different disciplines,” Dillon said, “You bring that expertise to bear in your current role as the cybersecurity lead because the more knowledge you have on anything that cybersecurity can touch, the more valuable you are to the organization.

So I can tell, they’ve got the right man in the right job.”

During his career, Alamo has supported the High Energy Tomography X-Ray system, Weapons Research Test Branch and counter improvised explosive devices, among several other areas.

“It’s been a pleasure up to this date,” Alamo said. “Not only do I have cybersecurity experience, but I also understand testing and the mission, which is really critical in this day and age, It’s been a real privilege.”

Story First Published: 2018-11-21