Flyfisher Carol Morris to offer photography tips

Flyfisher Carol Morris to offer photography tipsThe Aguabonita Flyfishers will host fly-fishing illustrator-photographer Carol Ann Morris at its Tuesday, Nov. 6, meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the social hall of the Ridgecrest United Methodist Church.

Her program is titled “Fly Fishing Photography 101: How to Capture What You See.” Her photographs and paintings have appeared not only in most of her husband Skip Morris’s 18 fly-fishing and -tying books, but also on the covers and interior pages of such magazines as Grey’s Sporting Journal, Yale Angler’s Journal and Fly Fishing & Tying Journal.

“It seems fly fishers want to record their biggest and most beautiful fish, the fascinating rivers and lakes and beaches they fish and explore — the very heart of their beloved sport — with a camera,” said a club spokesperson.

“Carol teaches how to make photos crisp and vivid, balanced and expressive. She demonstrates and explains the Rule of Thirds, effective use of light, the Magic Hour, UFOs (Unidentified Foreign Objects), how to photograph fish and many other straightforward concepts anyone can use to improve their photographs.

“Also, Carol will show various failed photos and explain what caused the problems.”

The public is invited to attend.

Pictured: Carol Morris holds a Yakima Cutthroat, an enticing prospect for her labrador — Courtesy photo

Story First Published: 2018-11-02