To the Editor: ‘Time for a new mayor’

It is time for a new mayor.

At the City Council meeting on Oct. 17, I brought up a serious concern that the council was changing the city’s general zoning plan without adequate justification or consideration regarding the city’s future. They changed the general plan on Downs/Bowman from single family to high density housing without any information as to impact on the local home owners or its long term effects on the city. I explained that the city’s general plan is designed to protect the future development of our city and to protect property owners. Something that should not be changed without information identifying exactly how any specific change would benefit the city’s future land use plan.

There was nothing in the package requesting the zone change that supported a change in the general plan. Given these facts, the councils’ decision cannot be considered a responsible decision, but a willy nilly decision. Mayor Breeden as the leader of the council should have identified it did not have the necessary justification to pass the ordinance to the change the general plan to put a high density housing in the middle of a low density housing area. She should have insisted there was a sound and supportable justification prior to passage of the ordinance.

The only reason I could find is that the developer wanted to building new housing and council has identified its desire to build new housing to meet the Navy’s needs. Apparently to justify the change, the council pretended there was no other property in the city zoned for the high density housing that could be used. I am little doubt this property was much cheaper for the developer to buy than properly zoned land. The council ignored there was no meaningful information on the probable impact on the local residences. The council failed its duty to lookout for the long term future of our city and the effected residents. I am sure if the development was being built by their homes, they would have insisted that it be highly considered, something the Mayor should have insisted upon as the leader of the council. Apparently money and their personal desires trumps the future of our city and compliance with purpose of our city general plan.

The mayor as usual she chosen to ignore public input, no matter how sound and reasonable their concerns. This is not first incident, Mayor Breeden has a history of rubber stamping anything the city staff requests and ignoring input from people who take the time out of their lives to participate in their government, which believe is done to discourage public participation. Her continuing actions demonstrates she either does not understand or care why it is important to listen to the citizens she was elected represent under our republic form of government by the people. Listening to the public is not only her job, but promotes the best opportunity to find the best answers. We live in a community with some of the most highly educated people in the country, and she willfully refuses to utilize or consider that resource, in favor of listening only to the city staff. I have seen her dismiss the views of nearly 100% of the people who took the time to attend the council meetings and

participate in their government, in favor of what she claimed was not the opinion those she talked with out side the meeting. On numerous occasions I have seen her allow people who agree with her use as much time as they wanted to address the council, while limiting the time of those who disagree or identify there is more information to consider before a responsible decision can be made by the council.

At the recent candidate forum Mayor Breeden falsely claimed she did not regularly limit the peoples ability to address/interface with the city council, when in fact she religiously uses the timer to prevent meaningful interaction between the people and their representatives. Prior to her becoming mayor the timer was rarely used except when necessary because of the number of people who wanted to address the council.

It is time to replace our mayor. Support Thomas Wiknich for mayor. While he and I do not agree on many things, he is willing to listen. He and I have agreed on more than one occasion, the council needs to listen too and interface with the people they represent and give due consideration to their input, which includes a willingness to postpone decisions when the public identifies there is good reason to do so. He understands the mayor and the council work for the people and must listen to them. He did not disagree with me when I said it is the people job not to trust their government and insist their representatives decisions are supported by the people and in the best interest of the people, protecting their individual liberty and freedom. Give him a chance

Ronald L. Porter

Story First Published: 2018-11-02