To the Editor: Rajtora can make good decisions

I worked with Stan Rajtora when he was a system engineer at China Lake, and I’ve discussed issues with him almost weekly ever since. Stan’s always willing to put in the time and effort to understand the whole scope of each issue and how its parts interact. He’s is a forward thinker, who can grasp and explain the long-term impacts of decisions we make today. And Stan isn’t afraid of decisions. He has always been able to identify alternative solutions, clearly explain why he thinks one is best and work with his peers to arrive at the best realistic outcome. Those strengths, combined with his core belief that government agencies must be transparent and responsible to the electorate that hired them, make Stan someone we need on the water board.

The IWVWD board needs to study the issues, evaluate the potential solutions, commit to one of them and take responsibility for making it work. The time is over for committees that talk for years, only to conclude that there’s a need for more studies. We need boardmembers who can make tough decisions, while actively involving the public they work for, and I know Stan can do that.

Scott Millett

Story First Published: 2018-11-02