To the Editor: Saint-Amand for water board

I recently heard three candidates for the IWV Water District Board at a voter forum here in Ridgecrest. Having known David Saint-Amand for years, I planned to cast my vote in his favor because of his extensive knowledge of and commitment to the water issues that face our city, county and state. He has educated me and many others on these issues for years — long before this campaign.

After the candidates spoke at this forum, I was even more impressed with David’s balanced, long-term and citizen-focused positions on what we should do to address our water costs and shortage. He clearly explained his vision for the work of the board, critical decisions that must be made and how they can better influence county and state entities. The candidates that spoke afterward simply said, “I agree with David.” I only wish he had run years ago.

David is committed to addressing the one-foot-per-year drop in our water table to achieve state mandated groundwater-use sustainability. If we don’t show progress toward achieving that, we will put China Lake at a disadvantage in any future Base Realignment and Closure initiatives. Our community’s largest employer will appear to be a long-term risk for the Department of Defense, rather than the irreplaceable asset that it is.

David has stated from the beginning that we need to develop additional sources of water within the valley and we need to find ways to use our brackish water so as to replace potable water usage. I know that David’s knowledge of the science and politics of water will inform his fellow board members and result in better decisions and actions. He will work effectively with the IWV?Water District Board, local leaders and other organizations to find and implement a solution.

In his work as a geologist and as a Navy program management consultant, Saint-Amand has a proven record of solving tough problems and influencing others to help implement lasting improvements. I have watched David selflessly serve our community as a member and past president of the Rotary Club, sacrificing his time to connect citizens with issues that matter and resources to improve people’s lives here and abroad. He is a devoted husband, civil servant and lifelong member of our desert community. Our water district will be greatly improved with David Saint-Amand on its board of directors.

Dalisia Coppersmith

Story First Published: 2018-11-02