To the Editor: Says Morgan is ‘slinging mud’

Mr. Morgan, who do you think I am going to really trust? You or Scott Hayman?

Mr. Morgan has taken to slinging mud in the Ridgecrest city elections this last week, accusing Scott Hayman of taking money from the “big” (little actually) Abernathy funding machine. Who cares? Let’s blow Mr. Morgan’s smoke and mirrors away and talk about the facts.

First, Scott Hayman made no agreement to cap his campaign budget at $2,000. Morgan did. Big mistake if you ask me, Mr. Morgan, knowing that you are going up against a candidate who has an equally impressive business record and the community residency to back it up. So, any discussion of the $2,000 cap is your miscalculation, not his.

Fact No. 2: The biggest difference between you and your opponent is one very big difference. As a candidate who claims to be a Christian, you are for the casino. Mr. Hayman appears to be against it. Who is in the weaker position here going into a second election in which we all know there will be heavy Christian turnout due to the casino project? I have talked to many of my Christian friends in the last few years, and most are against the casino. A handful are for it. Is this not the big worry that has caused you to start slinging mud instead of talking facts?

Fact No. 3: You have fallen into the rut of big money on one side against big money on the other. You are no different that Scott Hayman in that respect. You’re being supported, at least with talking points, by the tribal leaders who want to build a casino in our town. You were referencing reports that the tribe gave you in your lengthy discussion at the city council meeting this week in support of the casino, and then you stood out on the porch of city hall talking with the tribal leaders after the meeting for close to an hour.

Here is the reality of the issue: You want to point fingers at Mr. Hayman because he took a supposed donation from a family who are extremely concerned about politics in our county. They have every right to be. They live in our county. Maybe that big mountain makes you feel insulated but you are not. Ridgecrest politics affect Kern County in the end. The Abernathys have every legal right to protect their county interests with donations to our city campaigns. Our city council candidates have every right to accept that money, if in fact they did.

Let’s stop the finger pointing and just admit it. You are accepting help, whether financial or not, from the tribal leaders who live in in Death Valley and Nevada, a completely different county and a different state. Scott Hayman, according to your posts, is taking donations from county residents outside of our city limits, who live in our own county.

In the council election, I do have a choice between pro or anti casino. At least the Abernathys’ interests are about local county politics, not using addictive means to soak our residents for tax-free money and turning our Ridgecrest city soil into sovereign tribal land. Considering that last statement, who do you really think I’m going to trust if I have a choice, you or Scott Hayman?

R. Brian Voigt

Story First Published: 2018-10-26