To the Editor: Endorses Rajtora, Griffin

The citizens have a great opportunity to improve their representation on the board of the Indian Wells Valley Water District by voting for Stanley G. Rajtora. The people could not ask for a better representative than him. He has shown an untiring interest in looking out for the people for many years, working to insure that the board and the city council’s actions were in the best interest of people and that they spent the people’s money lawfully and wisely.

Chuck Griffin currently holds a seat on the board, and I believe he is a good person to keep on the board. He listens to the people, wants to hear from the people and wants to do the best possible job for the people. Unfortunately, many times in the past he was out voted, but he tried.

Only a fool would vote for Peter E. Brown. I was talking to him in the past regarding a position he had as a water district boardmember and tried to explain he should not be claiming position as a representative of a board that works for the people until the people have been given the opportunity to be heard. In response to my concern, he said, “I don’t work for you [referring to the people], I work for me.” This is not someone I want on the board, nor should you.

In regard to David Saint-Amand, I have not met him and can’t offer anything good or bad.

Ronald L. Porter

Story First Published: 2018-10-26