Fong calls for resignation of heads of DMV, technology dept.

After months of massive Department of Motor Vehicles system failures amounting to tens of thousands of individuals who were incorrectly added to voter rolls statewide, Assemblyman Vince Fong (R-Kern County), vice chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee, called for the resignation of Jean Shiomoto, who heads the Department of Motor Vehicles, and Amy Tong, who heads the Department of Technology.

“We have seen story after story about the incompetence and system failures at the DMV. I believe both agencies need to be held accountable and desperately need new leadership to right the ship,” said Fong.

“The failures of the DMV first came to light when every legislator in our state started receiving calls and reports from Californians waiting in line at the DMV sometimes close to six to nine hours to get their Real IDs.

“Over the summer, people were waiting in unbearable heat outside the DMV offices due to the department’s lack of preparation to issue Real ID even though they had almost a decade to prepare with hundreds of millions of additional dollars given to them each year over the past four years.

“In addition, we have seen numerous system failures resulting in continued waits and poor customer service. Recently, we have also learned that tens of thousands of people were incorrectly registered after they had visited the DMV. It was also discovered that thousands of noneligible individuals were added to the voter rolls.

“Since these reports have come to light, there has been literally no communication with me about how the department has failed so miserably to implement a critical system with so many egregious errors that were not addressed for months.

“I sit on the committee to which the DMV reports, and when I directly asked the DMV head about accepting an independent audit of her department’s processes, she pushed back and said that an audit would be strain on her resources.

“These actions cannot continue as every day Californians are being adversely affected. We can only regain the trust of the public with new leadership at the DMV and Department of Technology.”

Fong represents the 34th Assembly District, which includes the Indian Wells Valley.

Story First Published: 2018-10-26