To the Editor: ‘I am voting for Stan’

I am voting for Stan Rajtora. As a past Ridgecrest mayor and city council member, I have seen a lot of politics in our valley, both good and bad in all agencies. During the last 20 years, politics and procrastination have gotten in the way of making good, productive and timely decisions.

Electing the same people over and over again is going to give us the same results we have gotten for the last 20 years. We have unfortunately replaced action with talking and more talking.

Our valley has finally recognized we have a serious water problem. It existed a long time prior to the state telling us it existed. The state didn’t cause the problem. Blaming the state is not the answer.

There have been missed opportunities in the past to alleviate significant parts of this problem. Ignoring our problem previously did not make it go away; it won’t now either. The state is going to demand that we have serious ideas and the will to implement them. We need new leaders who can find workable solutions to keep water in this valley for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

I have known Stan many years, and I believe he can provide the leadership to break the deadlock on moving forward. He is a longterm resident of this valley and understands the local water issues. Please join me in voting for Stan Rajtora.

Anna Marie Bergens

Story First Published: 2018-10-19