To the Editor: ‘I am voting for Stan’

I am Raymond Kelso, a 73-year resident in our area, and I am voting for Stan Rajtora for IWV Water District boardmember.

I am voting for Stan for multiple reasons. I have known Stan Rajtora for about three decades. He came to this valley in 1972 after receiving a PhD in aerospace engineering. He has written many letters to the editor and been a guest editorialist in both the News Review and the Daily Independent, passionately advocating transparency, accountability and fiscal integrity. He is running for office to make a difference. Now retired, he has time to devote to get the job done. Finding solutions is what he did working as an engineer for the Navy for 36 years.

I am extremely disappointed with the total lack of progress made at mitigating our critical overdraft situation. Our government and elected officials have failed to come up with a timely and adequate response. Therefore, I feel I must continue to advocate for what is in the best interest of our valley. I am also not happy with the current IWVWD water fee structure that is designed for the benefit of the WD rather than be fair, equitable and transparent to all water users. We need elected officials who actually believe public servants should serve the public. “We the People” demand integrity, decency, honesty and transparency. Officials should set the example and be a role model.

The IWVWD has lost opportunities to mitigate the overdraft and is responsible for creating the financial failure that led to the current water fee structure. In short, our leaders have failed us. Stan Rajtora will work to restore trust, bring common sense to the table, and work to ensure progress in mitigating the overdraft. We have a reckless history in IWV of putting growth before common sense. The voters/citizens deserve the facts. The shortage of water will soon play a significant role in the market dynamics transforming housing values and job security.

There are five generations of Kelso’s in this valley. My daughters, grandkids and great grandkids will need affordable water after I am gone. How am I supposed to protect them from the theft of their water in the place they call home? This simple question has far reaching consequences to all residents of IWV. My history as a water hauler for twenty-five years has given me an acute appreciation of the value of water. These are serious times and we need serious action by people that operate out of principle rather than self-interest.

Stan has a long track record of asking questions of our City Council and the IWV Water Board, particularly regarding transparency and financial accountability. Remember our grandkids will be stuck with the consequences for a long, long time.

I want to put Stan’s knowledge and passion to work for us. Please join me and help Stan make a difference. Please vote for Stan Rajtora.

Raymond Kelso

Story First Published: 2018-10-05