RGA celebrates fifth anniversary

RGA celebrates fifth anniversaryTeam RGA gets into the groove for a routine to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” — Courtesy photo


Ridgecrest Gymnastics Academy will kick into high gear Saturday, Sept. 15, in observance of National Gymnastics Day. It’s the 20th anniversary of the observance and the fifth year the local academy has participated.

“It’s a tradition we want to keep alive,” said Lori Jaworsky, owner-operator of the academy. RGA has been a labor of love for Jaworsky, whose daughters Blythe and Bella have essentially grown up in the gym and into competitive gymnasts.

The sport traces its roots back to 1881, when the Federation of International Gymnastics was established in Germany. Today the day of recognition is observed in gyms across the country. USA Gymnastics, which is the governing body for the sport in the United States, promotes awareness and appreciation for gymnastics.

Jaworsky said that each year has a theme, with one of the previous events, “Show Your Best Salute,” incorporating military acknowledgement. “We were fortunate enough to join in a salute in front of an F-18 with some of our men and women in uniform. It was an amazing moment!”

Jaworsky emphasized that RGA is and has always been about community and service to the youth of the IWV. NGD gives the community an opportunity to visit the venue and see what RGA is all about. “It’s fun to see what the coaches and gymnasts come up with each year for NGD,” said one parent.

Families are invited to enjoy performances by their gymnasts. “It’s a chance to see our kids in action since they don’t all compete.” While team gymnasts travel to meets both locally and throughout Southern California, the recreational gymnasts don’t always get an opportunity to demonstrate the skills they’ve acquired. NGD is the perfect opportunity to see both competitive and recreational gymnasts.

The celebration will be held in the academy’s headquarters at Joshua Hall, Desert Empire Fairgrounds. Doors open at 9 a.m., and admission is free.

“It’s sure to be a blast!” noted one RGA coach. Festivities will include performances by RGA gymnasts and coaches, food, fun activities like a bounce house waterslide, water balloon toss and even an old-fashioned sack race, said a spokesperson.

All proceeds go to support Team RGA.

Story First Published: 2018-09-07