To the Editor: Frustrated by GSA presentation

I just read the “Imported water option ...” article in the Daily Independent. I’m still shaking my head, trying to contain my frustration, anger and frankly disbelief at this unbelievable and nonsensical presentation and challenging the intelligence of any consideration of such a travesty! People of the IWV, please stay alert and never let any “outsiders” ever become involved in our water and our lives!

Question — Why would the people of IWV ever pay anyone or any entity to purchase our own water from the very entity that is basically stealing our own water to start with and, in the process also pay those so-called “contractors” to pave the way? Answer — We, especially the well owners in this valley, are not that unknowledgeable of the cause of any IWV water shortage and we are smart enough to never be sold that “bill of goods” by outsiders.

Speaking for myself, when I became aware of this issue I starting putting history together, ran down the root cause, pursued answers and solutions, made many specific contacts seeking avenues to pursue solution, and it all came down to what is the one and only very simple solution; i.e., Los Angeles DWP has to move to desalination and destroy this aqueduct monster that is stealing the water that has always refilled our own aquifer until 1908 when L.A. “illegally” built its aqueduct. I have also shared my research and solutions and am working with our IWV well owners!

I have sent requests to Sacramento to put a “hold” and/or “stop order” on any deadline date to submit a “plan” as required by the so-called SGMA … our IWVGWA should have done this the minute they received this unworkable mandate. This deadline just causes all this hurry-up, rush that always creates huge mistakes and incorrect direction. It’s a complete disaster in the end. Intelligent solutions take time to create and perfect. I have also personally contacted our U.S. congressman and the White House. That’s just for starters!

Our newspapers limit size of submissions and do not allow enough room to go into further detail. But, understand that so much more has been done by many of us and by other groups/organizations all over California which are on the same page we are. IWV is unique as to the root cause and solution. There is at least one other area in Northern California which also has the LADWP stealing its water and importing same to L.A. Other areas of California each have their own individual causes and solutions that are unique to them. The final solutions are all intertwined and related. We can reinstate our refill flowing into our IWV aquifer! We do not need to pay anyone for our own water and we do not need to pay millions dollars for very bad, unknowledgeable and misleading planning by entities that often have personal-gain agendas!

Hop aboard, folks. Let’s take care of this in the right way which will solve the problem for many years in the future without devastating all our quality of life.

Lorry Wagner

Story First Published: 2018-08-24