Community unites in Cody Kurtz’ memory

Community unites in Cody Kurtz’ memoryMotocross riders bow their heads, along with a packed crowd of BHS football fans, uniformed military and friends and family of the Kurtz family, during a moment of silence in a pre-gme tribute to Cody Kurts. — Photo by Laura Austin


On Friday night, I walked toward the football field at Burroughs High School. The sun was beginning to set, and there was an absolute calmness and silence in the air.

Arriving at the entrance, I found a huge line waiting to get in. It was the first football game of the season, but something bigger, something more important was happening. The members of the Burroughs High School football team dedicated their first game to Cody Kurtz. The community came together to mourn the loss of Cody, to celebrate his life and support his family through this difficult time. As Cody’s father is a member of the military, there were many military members dressed in uniform with their families attending the game.

Before the game began, the announcer shared the tragic news of the loss of a Burroughs student athlete and outstanding young man. The announcer spoke about Cody’s accomplishments and his hopes and dreams — and even shared that Cody’s dreams were becoming a reality when in July he found out that he would be a fully sponsored Motocross racer.

The announcer asked that we direct our attention to the football field where two of Cody’s friends did an honorary ride around the field on their dirt bikes. People cheered in celebration of Cody and one of his loves — motocross.

The crowd was asked to take a moment of silence to honor Cody before the game began. You couldn’t hear anything more than the American flag at half-mast waving in the wind. There was not a person attending the game who couldn’t feel the love and loss affecting Cody’s family and the incredible community that surrounds them. After the moment of silence concluded, two F/A-18s from VX-9 the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, where Cody’s father is stationed, executed a flyover to honor Cody’s memory.

Being a member of the Ridgecrest and NAWS community, I felt unconditionally humbled and proud to be a part of this event and supportive community. Although Cody has passed, the mark he left on the hearts of his family members and this community will not soon be forgotten.

— Jayme Kinard, News Review correspondent

Story First Published: 2018-08-24