Rindt, Squid Inc delight Arizona audiences

A Review

Rindt, Squid Inc delight  Arizona audiencesBy RUSSELL PARKER, News Review Contributor

On Aug. 12, I was provided with a delightful performance by pianist Patrick Rindt and his sister, violist Darcy Rindt and the rest of the Squid Inc, string quartet — vioinist Aaron Requiro, cellist Elizabeth Vandervennett and violinist Alisa Rose.

The performers came together from vastly distant places to perform in Prescott, Ariz. Patrick, as many of you know, came from Ridgecrest. Darcy lives north of Prescott, but performs in various Broadway Musical pit orchestras from San Francisco to San Diego to Tempe, Ariz. The other members of Squid Inc are currently from the Phoenix area but have also performed widely as far away as Northern California, Chicago, Illinois, Oregon and even internationally in Eastern Europe.

The concert was titled “A Classical Revival & Tribute to the Granite Mountain Hotshots.” This performance was part of the St. Luke’s 2018-19 Concert Series.

The opening selection was a duet with Darcy Rindt on viola and Patrick Rindt on piano for left hand, titled “Viola Sonata in G Minor for Viola and Left Hand Piano,” written by Patrick Rindt.

I would not have guessed that the lower sonority of the viola would work for this, but I was wrong. It was charming, and they play together well as a duet. My compliments to both performers and composer. The rest of the concert continued with similar successes.

“Kiss From A Rose” by Seal has been arranged by Darcy for the quartet. It was literally a toe-tapping journey through a familiar song.

“Falling Up,” composed by Darcy, was inspired by a small child’s surprise at a helium ballon floating up instead of falling down when released, displaying a delightful expression of shock on his face.

Mozart put in an appearance with Squid Inc., who performed “Divertimento in D Major, K. 136.” In typical fashion, Mozart managed to feature every member to their best sounds during the Divertimento. Visual and physical coordination between the members of the quartet was remarkable. You just can’t do a string quartet without some Mozart.

Patrick and Vandervennet performed “Sonata in C Major for Cello and Left Hand Piano” — another wonderfully dynamic duet, well performed.

The climax of the concert was Darcy’s composition “19 — Tribute to the Granite Mountain Hotshots.” The Granite Mountain Hotshots were a fire crew based in Prescott who were all killed in the Yarnell Fire on June 28, 2013. The fire overran them.

The composition moved through the feelings of the Docy Fire, which came before the Yarnell Fire, musically noting the time of death in the Yarnell Fire and then ending with a hymn. As was noted by Music Director Dennis Houser at St. Luke’s, it was moving. Darcy very nearly had to evacuate her own home because of the Docy fire.

Most of Prescott had friends or classmates with children on this crew. I, too, was one of those. The loss of these young men really did traumatize the community and brought home to all of us the true dangers of forest fires. Wildfires are life- as well as property-threatening. One of my classmates from the Prescott High School Class of 1961 lost his son in the Yarnell Fire.

When the 19 hearses bearing the bodies of these men passed through Prescott from Phoenix, most of the town lined the streets. The grief was palpable.

Darcy’s tribute was the perfect ending to a rich, resonant concert. All of the performance took us through an emotional tour.

The stated goal of Squid Inc., an alternative string quartet, is to reach new audiences through dynamic, engaging performances, original compositions and compelling arrangements of modern rock, alternative and pop music.

When their performance spans from Mozart to Seal, I would say their goals were met.

Parker served as a teacher and musician in the Indian Wells Valley for decades before retiring to Prescott with his late wife, Sherry. The Parker duo are credited for the significant contributions toward establishing a vibrant performing arts education program in the community, and are the namesakes for the Parker Performing Arts Center at Burroughs High School.

The Parkers continued giving back to their community in Prescott until Sherry passed away in 2006. Russ still continues to perform in multiple choirs, in both Prescott-based and international venues.

Story First Published: 2018-08-17