Pinney Pool updates incoming


News Review Staff Writer

While the official agenda for the Aug. 15 Ridgecrest City Council meeting was not available at press time, city officials have said that they hope to hear a legal report regarding potential involvement in a Pinney Pool restoration project.

The pool, named for former resident and fallen Vietnam veteran Sgt. John Pinney, was closed last year after it had fallen into disrepair and out of American Disabilities Act compliance.

After going out to bid on the project, the city learned that it could cost as much as millions of dollars to restore — funds not in the city’s budget.

Local contractors have pledged efforts to help with the pool’s restoration, and local organizations like the Lions Club and Ridgecrest Shoutouts have raised nearly $30,000 to help with the project. But it is still unclear who will lead the effort and if the city can even be involved.

According to Parks and Recreation Director Jason Patin, the city’s involvement will constitute a public works project making all labor costs subject to prevailing wages — one of the reasons initial bids were so high. It also means the project might have to go back out to bid instead of using local contractors.

Steven Morgan of the Lions said the club also intends to report on its fundraising efforts at next week’s council meeting.

The Ridgecrest Lions Pinney Pool Committee released a report earlier this month saying that it raised $28,490.53, $10,000 of which came from Ridgecrest Regional Hospital and McDonald’s of Ridgecrest and another “large portion” from the Timbisha Shoshone Tribal Council.

It’s unclear how the funds will be implemented — whether through the city or directly through contractors for a private project.

Attend City Council’s Aug. 15 meeting, 6 p.m. at City Hall, and see future editions of the News Review.

Story First Published: 2018-08-10