To the Editor: ‘We must do better’

“He lives in the present moment, without much thought of any consequences of his actions or of the future.”

“He will say whatever it takes to pump up his ego and assuage his inherent low self-esteem, without any thought for past reality or for the potentially devastating future outcomes from off-the-cuff remarks or even major decisions.”

“His impulsive thoughts lead to impulsive actions that can cause him to dig in his heels when confronted with consequences of his actions.”

“He does not feel normal empathy and exhibits an absence of guilt.”

“He shows a weakness in impulse control which arises for enraged reactions to imagined slights and produces reckless, destructive behavior.”

“He is thin-skinned and humorless, believing he is superior to all, and it follows he would never apologize because he is never wrong.”

Do you recognize this man? You should — he is our president, Donald J. Trump.

He’s the one hugging the Russian flag while purporting to put “America First.”

He’s the one claiming to “Make America Great Again” while he refuses to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”

He’s the one who claims that our free press, guaranteed by the first amendment to our Constitution, is “fake news.”

He’s the Liar in the White House.

He’s the man who, lacking self-esteem, encourages hatred of immigrants and people of color while he incites white nationalists.

Yes, sadly, he is our president.

We must do better for the survival of our democracy!

Ruth Gleason

Story First Published: 2018-08-03