Section of Sherman Pass closes this fall

The Kern River Ranger District has announced a temporary closure on the Sherman Pass Road to accommodate road, culvert and bridge work near Fish Creek Campground.

The Sherman Pass Road (#22S05), stretches west from the Upper Kern River and east to Highway 395, across the Kern Plateau.

The closure and bridge installation are planned for Sept. 10 through Nov. 15.

Contractors will be removing an undersized pipe (culvert) and replacing it with a bridge requiring the cutting and removal of the road across both lanes.

Fish Creek Campground will remain accessible from the Kernville side of the pass.

“To lessen the impacts, we ask all forest visitors/users to plan ahead and call the Kernville or Blackrock Ranger Station so we may assist you in getting to your destinations,” said a spokesperson.

For information call 760-376-3781 or 559-539-2607, ext. 2275.

See also Kern River Ranger District on Facebook.

Story First Published: 2018-07-27