Whatevers, Zephyrs perform tonight

Whatevers, Zephyrs perform tonightPictured from left are (front) Sayer de Woadhyll, ClairAnn Herbert and Byron Heard, and (back) Rick E. Quinn, David Cheshire, Chuck Bolt and Tom “Krunchy” Rindt. — Courtesy photo


The members of the popular local band “The Whatevers” were looking for a different format when they considered their performance tonight, July 20, from 6-10 p.m. at Xin Bowl Asian Bistro. They decided to invite a variety of other local performers “and whoever else comes along” to share the stage with them.

Their variety show will also include the Antique Zephyrs, Rick E. Quinne, Paul Franco, Byron Heard, Alas De Liona, Scott McEntee and Dane A. Scharff.

The Whatevers include ClairAnn Herbert on vocals,percussion and bass, Chuck Bolt on vocals, guitar and bass, Tom “Krunchy” Rindt on vocals and guitar, David Cheshire on drums, percussion and vocals, and Anissa Rindt on back-up vocals (as well as behind-the-scenes support).

The group is best known for vocal harmonies, said a spokesperson. “If you ask the Whatevers who they are, they will tell you that they are passionate about promoting and supporting local music and the arts. They are passionate about the Historical Society of the Upper Mojave Desert and the Open Mic night at the Historic USO Building. This is where they met. This is where the seed of an idea to start a band was planted in 2012. And they are loyal to their belief that everybody who wants to try their hand at performing is welcome to Open Mic.”

The Open Mic events have helped launch many musical acts, some of which have gone on to bigger towns and bigger venues.

“Do yourself a favor and get out of the house and experience the fellowship music has to offer,” said Herbert. “Not only is it good for you, it allows for memories to be made, a bad day to be made better and you never know what connections you’ll make through sharing musical experiences.”

“This band is different from other rock bands in that it was never about the musicanship, about finding hot people to play with, it was all about finding people we get along with,” said Bolt. “What has happened over the years is that the closeness has made everybody really good musicians.”

“I would like to stress that having a good time is the main focus. We don’t want to get rich, we don’t want to tour, we want to have good time and lift everything around us,” said Cheshire. “We just enjoy what we do so much, and we enjoy each other, the camaraderie, that’s what makes it so special for us.”

“The only thing of real value in this world is the connections we make with other people, and this is how we do it,” said Rindt.

Story First Published: 2018-07-20