To the Editor: Comments on pumping fee

Many of our Ridgecrest-area residents are not aware that the “proposed” pumping fee for private water wells will affect them. Following is why it will, indeed, affect all on IWV Water District services.

When IWVWD pays the huge cost charged by IWVGA for those pumping more than two acre fee per year, that cost will be passed on to your personal billing.

Very small charge, you say? Not really.

All businesses also receiving their water from IWVWD will also have to pay their percentage of the pumping-fee charge to IWVGA. Thus when anyone purchases any products or services from any business, the cost of that pumping fee will be added to their “cost of doing business” and will be included in the price of their product or service.

For example, if anyone shops at three stores per week and does so every week, that would be 12 times per month plus your own household bill you would pay for this Pumping Fee!

That’s the way the economy works as proposed.

Now, Mick Gleason recently stated to the Kern County Board of Supervisors, “There are forces up there who are opposed to this pumping fee … There’s really no logic in their opposition other than a steadfast belief in themselves, and they don’t recognize the state’s authority to impose regulations on the use of water. And they obviously don’t understand the dilemma that the Indian Wells Valley is faced with.”

My response to Mick’s statement is that what he related above reflects that Mick is the one who has no idea of that which he speaks! Of course there is tons of “logic” and basic knowledge by those of us who have lived here for many years. We know the history of this valley’s water supply. Those of us he denigrates have a much better and more far-reaching knowledge of the IWV aquifer situation than he apparently does.

If you are going to play in the political world, Mick, you need to have a much better knowledge base of what you and your fellow IWVGA group address!

I will first state here that I thank you for your years of military service spent in protecting America from our borders throughout the rest of the world. However, I must clarify that military service is much different from the normal life of us citizens who live within our American borders.

Please remember, Mick, that when you were in the Navy you had subordinates under you who took your orders without question, and you had officers above you from whom you took orders without question. Your mission was to protect our country’s borders as stated above. You are now living within the borders of America, a citizen with a political position and we, the people, are the ones from whom you now take orders … life is very different now and military mentality has no place in American politics.

Lorry Wagner

Story First Published: 2018-07-20