To the Editor: Says GA is illegal agency

The recent fiasco of the supposed “informational” meeting in Inyokern to “inform” citizens of the attempt to get them to register their wells and eventually pay pumping fees highlighted two very concerning aspects of the proclaimed Indian Wells Groundwater Authority.

The first is the clear lack of effective effort to communicate fully with citizens of the valley.

The question must be asked, why after two years of meeting has this agency not notified our citizens of the inevitable fees now being proposed and tried to get them to educate themselves on this critical issue?

The answer as I see it is that the agency didn’t want citizens to know about this. If they had been informed early on, substantive resistance could have been mounted and the illegal character of the “agency” challenged. That is not something they want to happen, thus the mushroom cultivation on information.

The second item of deep concern is the propaganda effort to scare citizens into compliance. Just listen to the statements being repeated over and over: the state is going to take this over, the state will fine us $10,000 per day if we don’t comply, we must have a sustainable aquifer, etc, etc, etc. Each and every one is designed to spook us all into taking the leash on ourselves and getting busy letting unconstitutional agencies run our lives.

Remember these facts: the Groundwater Agency is illegal according to both the U.S. and state constitutions. We are guaranteed a representative republican form of government. Simply put, that means that the people give power to those who they elect to govern their society.

Does anyone remember voting into office any of the members of the Groundwater Agency for that job? Of course not, they elected themselves. Now they are taking power from us to run our lives. The well owners are the current target of submission.

The attempt to scare them into registering their wells is a sneaky tactic to attain implied consent. It is illegal in several ways and is going to be “required” by unelected bureaucrats. If you do not register by Oct 1, they are threatening to make you stop pumping water. That is offensive and absurd to the extreme.

They cannot possibly make more than 1,500 well owners comply with this attack on their rights. So I say to all well owners in the valley — do not comply. Do not register. Demand the right to govern our own destiny properly.

No self-appointed bureaucrat should be submitted to. We demand a local elected representative body to work on the water supply issue.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2018-06-29