To the Editor: ‘Save our way of life!’

I was lucky enough to see an amazing display of dignity and courage last Thursday night when the governed citizens of our valley refused to be treated like little children at the Inyokern Senior Center and walked out of the meeting the IWV Groundwater Authority had supposedly called to “hear grievances and concerns.”

I am new to this town, having only moved here a little over a year ago, and don’t even own my own property yet. But I am so proud as I write this to be able to say I am part of a community that isn’t afraid to think for itself and expects its governors to remember first and foremost that they serve the citizens of this valley — not the ruling class in Sacramento or Bakersfield.

What I’m not proud of, though, is the fact that some of the governing in this valley seem to think that they are indeed some sort of elite ruling class. I know I’m still in California, so shouldn’t be too surprised at the existence of tone-deaf bureaucracy, but when I came here I hoped I was moving to a place where normal citizens who work hard, pay bills and taxes and carve out a life for their families on their own piece of land would not be treated as pawns in some “too difficult for the country bumpkins to understand” game run by the ruling class.

The longer I’m here though, the more it feels like King George and his ruling elite are calling the shots and we residents are merely the backward ignorant colonists who just need to pay the tax on our tea and be grateful for the chance.

Isn’t it something, that 230 years after our founders fought and died to secure our right to the amazing checks and balances of our republic, there are forces trying to destroy those checks and balances before our very eyes? Please understand me here, the tyranny we are experiencing is not merely about water and money, it is about eliminating our ability to prevent oppression.

The first step in their battle plan is to establish “regional authorities” like this blasted Groundwater Authority. Notice it merely has “representatives” from the counties and the city, none of whom were elected by us to hold those positions, but “it” only has to answer to the state. Their second step will be to declare that since the regional authority is so much more efficient and represents such a wide and “diverse” area, the county is no longer needed and presto we have just lost one of our very best protections from a federal or state “King George” gone crazy.

Sound farfetched? Don’t think that in this day and age you need protection from the governing’s over reach? Sadly, I can provide proof that what I am saying is really what is happening here in our valley. Go to and watch a documentary called “Governed v. Governing — The Bundy Standoff.” You will see, my fellow neighbors, we are not alone. Citizens all over the country are dealing with this same oppression from the very same sources that we are here.

If you look at the types of training offered at that site you will also see that little by little our fellow citizens are being taught how to resist the destruction of our republic and the enormous protections it affords us from the governing’s over reach.

Now let me ask you, “Are you are willing to take action?” If you are, if you want to learn how to get this stench of King George out of the air of this valley, go to that website, watch some of their materials. When I did, when I went through their training, I began to believe that there is hope, we can save our way of life!

Julius Botelho

Story First Published: 2018-06-15