Community needed for housing base employees

Guest Editorial

To the Editor:

The Navy is having another very successful year recruiting and hiring new employees (more than 300) to work on the base at China Lake. The vast majority of these new employees are young professionals who have very recently graduated from college with masters and/or bachelors degrees in science or engineering. They are very eager to begin their careers in our community supporting the Navy and our nation’s warfighters. And we are very excited to welcome them to our community!

The IWV Economic Development Corp. is working with the Navy and other community leaders to help these newcomers feel welcome and at home as they move to the IWV.

As you know, there are currently only a small number of rental options available in the area for these newcomers, and information on these options is a bit difficult to find.

The IWV EDC would like to see our community unite to remedy this. We need to provide a way for newcomers to easily find existing and newly available living solutions. We need to expand the solutions space to include not just homes and apartments but also other temporary living accommodations like rooms (in homes and hotels), roommates, recreation vehicles, etc.

In short, we need your help in finding these new community members their first living arrangements here in the valley.

How can you help? If you have rental property (apartments, condos, homes, RVs, rooms for rent, etc.) or are interested in hosting a recent college graduate in your home until he or she finds a rental arrangement, please go the links below and complete the process for listing your living arrangement options for new employees to review and to contact you to inquire about the options provided.

If you have rental units (apartments, condos, homes, etc.) that you would like to make available for new employees to the area, please use Zillow (a nationally recognized rental website) at Newly hired employees will be directed to this website as a primary source for finding rental living options in the valley. Please remember that it is very important to keep the information about your available unit current on this site.

If you have a room to rent, or are willing to accept a new roommate, or are just willing to temporarily host a new employee in your living quarters please register this information at

Lastly, if you are also using Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce website,, please keep your information current there too.

Thank you!

Scott O’Neil, executive director IWVEDC

Story First Published: 2018-06-08