Principles of Prosperity

Dollars and Sense

By JULIUS BOTELHO, Alpha Omega Wealth

If you are looking to build your financial future, keep in mind these 12 “Principles of Prosperity” from Alpha Omega Wealth.

Think — Create and maintain a prosperous mindset, which is essential to eliminating poverty from your life. Letting yourself function from a “scarcity mentality” effectively keeps you stuck where you are hindering your ability to grow. Unfortunately, more value is lost due to the wrong frame of mind than is ever lost to poor investment choices, poor timing or any other factor.

See — Always keep the “Big Picture” in perspective so you can see how each economic decision affects every other one.

Measure — Learn how to monitor opportunity cost so you know what your dollars could be earning if they weren’t committed elsewhere. This way your dollars can always be leveraged for maximum productivity.

Flow — Keep in mind that your desired net worth shouldn’t be your only goal; the actual measure of lasting prosperity is cash flow.

Control — Stay in control of your money -instead of giving that control to banks or corporations,“Those with the Gold, make the rules.”By implementing private banking systems, you get the financial gains your wealth is currently creating for someone else.

Move — Remember that money in motion grows. Why let your money sit under someone else’s control when it could be working for you instead? Due to inflation and taxes, money that is not in motion shrinks.

Multiply — To reach economic prosperity, you must know how to increase your wealth readily. The very best starting point is to have your money serve many functions at once. We show you how to set that in motion.

Live — Living beneath your means is a favorite piece of wisdom from many financial gurus, but can lead to a scarcity mentality instead of prosperity. We teach you how to grow your means while living within them.

Save — Most people should save more than they think they’ll need. We’ll show you why a larger safety net is more fun and how to have a prosperity mindset about what “retirement’ can look like.

Lead — We’re about empowering you to become the leader of your life instead of following the majority. After all, how often is the majority right about anything of value?

Legacy — When you set up your private banking systems, you are also leaving a legacy for future generations. Private banking looks beyond traditional financial priorities and more to how your long-term legacy planning can provide wealth in every aspect of your life.

Act — Taking action on a financial strategy can be difficult, especially when so much conflicting advice is being given by financial entertainers and so-called experts. Our systems, based on proven facts and absolute guarantees, give you the confidence to move forward towards the prosperity you desire for yourself and your family.

Julius Botelho is a financial educator with Alpha Omega Wealth. His passion is sharing the truth about money and how it really works, helping people identify opportunities they might never have seen before to achieve financial freedom. He has the distinction of being the first in his industry to ever open an office in Inyokern. You can reach him at 760.377.3267 or

Story First Published: 2018-06-08