To the Editor: Porter says NR is ‘off the mark’

The News Review was completely off the mark when it reported my actions at the City Council meeting regarding Mr. Leahy, and myself. I was not objecting to Mr. Leahy’s position, I was objecting to him being rude and disrespectful by attacking a council member. I simply said nay loud enough to be heard by the audience, showing my objection to that disrespectful conduct. Mr. Leahy did make comments directed at me after the nay, but it was short and the mayor was not forced to bring the chambers to order for an event that lasted about 15 seconds. The U.S. Supreme Court has found minor disruptions in public meetings to be freedom of speech.

While I didn’t agree with Mr. Leahy’s positions on the issue, I would fight to protect anyone’s freedom of speech, whether I agree with it or not, because if we loose our freedom of speech, we have lost our republic. We can and must keep speech civil.

What I do find questionable about the article is that it said nothing about my comments on the issue of illegal immigration and the sanctuary laws. Briefly, we are a nation of laws, and immigration is the sole authority of the federal government under our Constitution. We cannot have people picking and choosing which laws they want to follow, that is called anarchy. Our country is our home, and it is being invaded by illegal aliens. I want to know how many people who support illegal immigration would say it was OK if someone moved into their home “without permission,” ate their food and stayed as long as they wanted. I would suggest none. There is no difference when viewed logically.

Just because someone believes noncitizens should not come into this country illegally does not make them a racist or a bigot, but a patriot because our republic is a nation of laws. If people disagree with the law, they should work to change it through the system, not ignore it or work around it as they continually do with our Constitution, which is not a living document but a static one to be interpreted and applied as written and intended. Anything less is a usurpation, a practice that can only accomplish one thing the destruction of our country.

We can’t simply open up the doors to anyone who wants to enter this country; we would be overrun to the point of destroying this nation. Therefore, the only answer is a legal and controlled process in compliance with our Constitution. In addition, all immigrants cost the taxpayers money because there has to be an instant infrastructure in place to support them, while the infrastructure of citizens born here begins at birth. Sorry, but the answers are simple. I wish the rest of the world had the liberties and freedoms we enjoy, but if we allow noncitizens to come into our country at will, they will destroy our republic and the liberty and freedom it protects.

Don’t be fooled by the progressives who deliberately mislead by calling illegal aliens immigrants and try to pull on your heartstrings. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, legal ones. Progressives who want open borders don’t want to protect our constitutional republic or our founding principles and call those of us who do fascists, but they have no idea of what it even means. See

Ronald L. Porter


Brian Cosner’s original story included numerous comments made from the public microphone, including those from Mr. Porter. Some of the comments, which had been expressed in previously published reports, were edited out last week to accommodate space constraints. — Ed.

Story First Published: 2018-06-01