Writers to hear about ‘Living on the Edge’

Author Kim Steinhardt will give the Ridge Writers program on Thursday, June 7, 6:30 p.m., in the Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church meeting room, 633 W. Las Flores Ave.

He will share thought-provoking observations from a lifetime growing up along the California coast, including colorful personal anecdotes, along with historical, legal and political insights – as well as how his recent book, “The Edge,” emerged from that experience.

He will also discuss what it was like for an attorney and a scientist to write together on topics as varied as science and philosophy.

The talk will be illustrated with some of his award-winning photographs. “Expect the unexpected; anything is fair game,” said a spokesperson.

A former administrative law judge turned environmental author and marine wildlife photographer, Steinhardt delivers popular talks on ocean conservation, sea otters and the sometimes-troubled relationship between humans and nature.

He writes frequently about these topics, and his photographs and storytelling have been recognized by National Geographic Books, as well as in his recent book “The Edge: The Pressured Past and Precarious Future of California’s Coast,” co-authored with marine expert Gary Griggs.

Steinhardt also teaches law courses on legislation, emphasizing ocean protection and advocacy.

Ridge Writers is the Eastern Sierra Branch of the California Writers Club. The public is invited and admission is free (www.facebook.com/RidgeWriters; CWC-ridgewriters.org).

Story First Published: 2018-06-01