To the Editor: PEAR endorses Zimmer for DA

In 2017 the Police Employees Association of Ridgecrest had the opportunity to meet and speak with both Scott Spielman and Cynthia Zimmer regarding their intent to run for the District Attorney position. This is a position that we as law enforcement take a special interest in. As law enforcement officers, we rely on the office of the district attorney to prosecute cases and aggressively pursue criminal charges during a time where violent crime rates are on the rise.

After hearing both candidates speak, we as a union voted to endorse Cynthia Zimmer based on her track record of avoiding easy plea deals, prosecution of violent offenders and excellent work ethic. Although our union was the first to endorse Cynthia Zimmer, other agencies soon followed.

However, in a recent debate between the two candidates, insinuations were made that law enforcements officers were granted backdoor deals in exchange for their endorsements. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Law enforcement officers throughout the city of Ridgecrest as well as throughout Kern County welcome the new age of transparency.

We, as law enforcement officers, don’t only have a vested interest in the District Attorney’s office, we have a vested interest in the community as well. As citizens in the community, we demand a district sttorney who is honest, fair and impartial. Therefore, we have not nor will we ever agree to any “backdoor deals” made by any candidate seeking election for any position. Cynthia Zimmer did not approach us and offer any deals or other arrangements.

We will continue to endorse Cynthia Zimmer for her tireless effort in prosecution of criminals and dedication to her profession.

Bill Groves, vice president

Police Employees Association of Ridgecrest

Story First Published: 2018-05-25