New limestone plant to open in Searles Valley

New limestone plant to open in Searles ValleyPanamint Valley Limestone, Inc., announced last week that it will develop a plant in Trona.

“The site and air emissions credits have been acquired, the Conditional Use Permit process has started and studies and preliminary engineering have been initiated,” said spokesperson Larry Trowsdale.

The plant will be located on a site northwest of the existing Searles Valley Minerals and ACE Cogeneration industrial facilities on what Trowsdale described as “a highly disturbed brownfield site.”

“The PVL plant will convert high-quality limestone rock, quarried from the company’s established limestone quarry in the Panamint Valley, into 400 tons per day of high value Quick Lime and Hydrated Lime products used in cement, soil conditioning, water treatment and industrial processes.”

The plant, which will cost an estimated $45 million to develop, will be the only producer of lime in California. Currently all lime used in our state is imported from out of state.

“This new industry in California will provide much needed jobs in the local economy and add a significant asset to the San Bernardino County tax base.”

The development is also expected to bring 30-40 well-paying jobs.

“Impact to the environment will be minimized by location on an already disturbed industrial site,” said Trowsdale. “State-of-the-art emissions control equipment will be installed to minimize air emissions, and very little water will be required. There will be no liquid or solid waste streams. Lime production is slated to begin in early 2021.”

For information contact Trowsdale at 760-384-8172.

Pictured: Site of the Panamint Valley Limestone, Inc., quarry in Searles Valley. — Courtesy photo

Story First Published: 2018-05-18