To the Editor ‘What is he running for?’

At Wednesday evening’s City Council meeting I found Councilmember Wallace Martin’s proposal that Ridgecrest take an active position against California SB 54 (Sanctuary City Law) highly political and seemingly intentionally divisive. It was laced with negative references to California, Democrats, the ACLU, the governor etc., etc.

I wondered, “What he is running for? And has he temporarily forgotten that he is still a Ridgecrest councilman representing all the people of Ridgecrest?”

Minutes before he had made an impassioned speech for putting the casino question on the November ballot so that all the people could decide (a good idea)… and then in the next moment he was advocating hard for the council to take yet another highly volatile position obviously not representative of a cross section of our citizens nor even of direct benefit.

Our city already has plenty of highly charged topics that bear directly on its successful operation. These are topics that need the council’s focused attention and there is no time, necessity, budget nor citizen mandate (we are a pluralistic city of Democrats, Independents and Republicans) for voluntarily entering the national fray on immigration. The California Legislature, courts and feds are immersed in these issues, and we should spend our time working ours.

Further, I propose that the council provide guidance to Councilman Martin that he concentrate his high energy on bringing back ideas from the League of California Cities meetings that are specifically useful, productively actionable and achievable by the city.

Jim Fallgatter

Story First Published: 2018-05-11