To the Editor: Questions tribe’s change of mind

So ... George Gholson tries to say that he was telling the truth five months ago at the committee meeting when he emphatically said his tribe would not get into the retail marijuana business. I have the recorded statement, there is no backtracking on this one. Now he says that they just changed their minds and bingo — they started selling retail marijuana on April 20.

Who wants to entertain a fantasy and believe that the process of talking to and getting the permissions of and agreements with all the entities he laid out on May 2 began after Nov 17, 2017, and that all that got done, finalized and they were able to get up and running in the span of five months?

Not believable. Dealing with government agencies takes far longer than that. He was undoubtedly working on this when he claimed the retail marijuana outlet was off the table. In other words, that lie was being told while they were trying to maneuver for an intergovernmental agreement, which was totally out of place. Now that they are cornered by their actions and the facts surrounding them, they appear to be willing to amend the MSA, something that was claimed to be anathema on Nov 17.

How many more untruths are going to be enough to demonstrate that they are not trustworthy, the MSA was made in bad faith and this thing should be unraveled and the casino travesty put to bed? I can dig up the truth of the process the Timbisha went through to get the marijuana retail business up and running with FOIA requests if I have to. and I will if it appears that they are getting cover from the city.

Enough is enough. This city has been subject to attempts to take it to the cleaners because of greed, pure and simple. The harm that could be caused by bringing this casino in is indisputable. Just look at the report we put out (

When is cowering to the demands to make the casino look like a legitimate enterprise going to stop?

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2018-05-11