To the Editor: Defends casino support

My letter is in response to Mike Neel’s comments concerning the Ridgecrest Area Convention and Visitors Bureau’s “sell out” as proclaimed by Neel. I am not sure why Neel believes the RACVB sold out, as the RACVB’s goal is to promote area tourism. Construction of the Shoshone Timbisha casino would promote area tourism, which is one of the goals of the RACVB.

The RACVB is not a newcomer to the community and has served our area since 1992. RACVB employees have tirelessly worked to promote our community by promoting festivals and telling about local restaurants, hotels and convention locations. The RACVB has also promoted film crews to visit our area to film movies and commercials. Promoting and supporting the Timbisha casino fulfills the mission of the RACVB. I would like Mr. Neel to explain how supporting the casino violates the RACVB’s mission.

For Mr. Neel’s edification I have lived in the Indian Wells Valley for 50-plus years. I have tirelessly worked to support my community and want the best for it. I do support the casino, as it would promote economic development that would not affect our employer. It would also help provide jobs for both Native Americans and anyone else who lives in our area.

Please Mr. Neel please explain to me how the RACVB has sold out and thrown our community to the wolves. I’m awaiting your response.

Mary Ash

Story First Published: 2018-05-04