‘News Review is just wonderful’

For those of us relocated natives of the Indian Wells Valley that still harbor a love for our forever home, The News Review is just wonderful. China Lake always had that darn need-to-know underlay that bled into all facets in our young lives and the News Review “backfills” some of those mysteries. Once a month I crack a good dark brew and catch up.

I also want to thank you for the obituary posting of Lloyd Brubaker (WA6KZV), a Murray Junior High School icon. I now have no questions why class cuts-up were intimidated into submission with only one of Mr. Brubaker’s short stiff talks. A kid could sense something monumental loomed in his character that demanded respect and now I know, by gosh. lol

Keep up the good.

Steven M. Preston (KJ6KIH)

Story First Published: 2018-05-04