Are you following bad advice?

Dollars and sense

Are you following bad advice?By JULIUS?BOTELHO, Alpha Omega Wealth

Are you one of those people who has been working hard to manage your financial affairs? You’ve tried to live within your means, tried to follow a budget, tried to save for a rainy day, but you must admit that you just aren’t getting ahead.

You know of course, that most of your friends aren’t doing any better than you are, and I think you can take some encouragement from that. Could it be that all of us have been getting bad advice? Did you know that there are more than 300,000 financial advisors in this country? We have 1.3 million accountants, 400,000 life insurance agents, 300,000 investment advisors, more than 7000 banks with more than 85,000 branches and yet most of us are in bad shape financially.

Forget about the 20 trillion dollars of national debt and 200 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities our government has saddled us with, according to the U.S. debt clock organization, average U.S. citizens now have $57,874 of debt themselves. With all these smart advisors and all the TV, radio and internet sources of information that we have, how could we all be in such a mess financially?

I’d like to propose that you give yourself the gift of a new start. Whatever you have or haven’t accomplished financially up to this point is in the past. You get to create a new future.

The key to that new future is the way you think and rethink old beliefs. Let me share something best-selling financial author Robert Kiyosaki said in his recent book, “Second Chance.” He writes, “The world is changing, and money is changing. Those who are operating in the past, with the old-world rules of money, are being wiped out in the present. We live in the Information Age. There is an abundance of information, and much of it’s free. But without financial education, a person cannot convert that information into knowledge.”

Give yourself permission to learn the truth about money. Start to read books that will equip you to think for yourself instead of taking advice from financial sales people.

Choose to be grateful that God let you be born in the most prosperous country on earth with more opportunities to improve your situation than you could ever possibly use.

Lastly let me encourage you with that classic line from Adam Sandler’s intellectual masterpiece “Waterboy” — “You can do it.”

Julius Botelho is a financial educator with Alpha Omega Wealth. His passion is sharing the truth about money and how it really works, helping people identify opportunities they might never have seen before to achieve financial freedom. He has the distinction of being the first in his industry to ever open an office in Inyokern. You can reach him at 760-377-3267 or

Story First Published: 2018-04-20