To the Editor: Says RACVB ‘sold out’

When do you recognize that your friend or neighbor is a sell-out, commonly defined as someone willing to abandon common decency for self benefit. You know, someone who will do whatever it takes to profit in some way, including throwing you to the wolves if they will benefit?

How about when they openly state that they don’t care what the other consequences are surrounding an occurrence and what happens to others, if they profit, is a good thing? They may claim others might benefit, but that’s just part of the justification for the sell-out.

Let’s think about the recent “statement” by the Ridgecrest Area Convention and Visitors Bureau made last week. According to the Daily Independent article of April 12, an item to approve the casino project was introduced at the RACVB meeting April 11 by Director Ghanshyam Popat. He added, “We are in full support of the casino coming to town. No hesitation.” Read and consider the claim for this support in the Daily Independent article: “At the last meeting the board voted to issue a letter of support for casino coming to town with full recognition that it is a controversial issue in the town,” Popat said. “At that time I made it very clear that we are not a political organization, we are not a religious organization — we are a business organization.”

In short, Mr. Popat and friends at the RACVB are saying, “We want the money, and we don’t care what happens to this town otherwise. Forget the crime problems, forget the highly possible lack of self-determination for the citizens, forget the numerous people who pleaded not to be subjected to something that may well harm them in any of a long list of ways that have been documented in academic studies for decades, forget you all, we want to get richer. Nothing else matters to us.”

These are the people who claim to be a part of this town, who want our support when it fills their pockets, and who likewise don’t want to be a part in a supportive way if they think it will cost them some dreamed-of extra profit. I say sell-out. The RACVB is bought and has become a sell-out. Perhaps our citizens should think about this when considering who to do business with around town. It’s easy to find out who the RACVB members are. Maybe they don’t deserve your business any more.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2018-04-20