DA will not seek charges in Mallett homicide


News Review Staff Writer

No criminal charges will be filed against Richard White for the death of Malik Mallett, Kern County District Attorney Lisa Green announced Thursday.

Reese and Miriam Hogg, Mallett’s parents, have been pressing county officials for answers about the July 30 death of their son. Eye witnesses report that Mallett was attending a party when a fight broke out. Richard White allegedly stabbed three people — including Mallett, who succumbed to his injuries.

Family and friends of the victims held two public rallies, including one on what would have been Mallett’s 22nd birthday, last month to ask why no charges had been filed nearly eight months after the incident.

“We have made a decision on the case,” Green said Thursday. “The case will be rejected. There will be no criminal charges filed against Richard White.

“Due to issues presented of self-defense, and defense of others, we do not believe we can convince a jury of Mr. White’s guilt in this case.”

Green said that the supervisor of the DA Office’s homicide unit met with the family about three months ago to hear their concerns. “And we followed up on those things. Since that time, all our reports have been completed.

“I have personally reviewed everything related to this case. That is my decision.”

She said there is no process by which the family can appeal that decision, however she said she understands they will be seeking other options.

Hogg and his family said they were, unfortunately, not surprised by the outcome.

“We’ve been prepared for this news since November,” said Hogg in an interview. “Where they came up short was the Kern County Sheriff’s Office dropped the ball during the investigation. There was never an arrest, there was never a toxicology report, of course there wasn’t enough evidence.

“Prior to his death, my son spent five days in Lerdo for a misdemeanor charge that was dropped. But the man who stabbed him was never even arrested. You’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in our justice system. But when it’s ‘us,’ sometimes it seems like we’re guilty until proven innocent.”

Hogg and his supporters still intend to hold a rally in Bakersfield in the near future and will contintue to pursue recourse where they can – be it through a civil suit or a different court.

“At least now it’s not just us making noise while waiting to hear news. Now we can move forward. We are going to pursue change. Because this stuff has to stop.”

Story First Published: 2018-04-05