Community still awaits finding on Mallett death

Community still awaits  finding on Mallett deathPictured: Members of Malik Mallett’s family in Chicago have joined locals in calling for action. — Courtesy photo



News Review Staff Writer

Ridgecrest residents took to the streets again on Friday for a second “Justice for Malik Mallett” march. Nearly a hundred of Mallett’s friends and family and other members of the community marched to the courthouse, heralded by car honks all along the way, to bring awareness to Mallett’s July 2017 homicide, which has still gone untried.

“This would be a different situation if we didn’t know who the killer was,” said Mallett’s stepfather Reese Hogg. “This would be a different situation if we had no eyewitnesses.”

According to eyewitnesses, Mallett, 21, was trying to break up a fight at a party when he was stabbed by alleged aggressor Richard White. However Kern County Sheriff’s deputies deemed the evidence insufficient and passed the case on to the Kern County District Attorney’s office to determine whether or not White acted in self defense.

Representatives from the DA’s office told Hogg’s family last week that it was “more likely that they would not try the case due to insufficient evidence.” But they have since said they are further reviewing the case, Hogg said.

“There is no update yet as to whether charges will be filed,” said Christy King, administrative assistant to District Attorney Lisa Green. “There are some interview scheduled for the investigation, which is still ongoing.”

“We don’t want blood. We don’t want him dead ... but alive and well in our judicial system,” said Hogg of White, who has left the state with his family according to local reports.

Story First Published: 2018-03-30