To the Editor: ‘City is dragging its heels’

I must say, the editorial by Daniel Spurgeon, general manager, SpringHill Suites, prompted me to write this letter to the editor, regarding the Indian casino that will be built on North China Lake Boulevard.

This city is really losing out bigtime on bed taxes plus other taxes, not only for the SpringHill but also for all other motels and hotels. I just don’t understand fully why the city is dragging its heels big time, demanding this and that, then finally an EIR, that is after the sale of the property is over…

I have people asking me all the time when I visit the San Fernando area, at least if not more then once a month. It’s the same question: “When is the Indian casino going to be built and why the delay?”

These people are from Chino Hills, downtown L.A., Riverside, Ventura, Sylmar, Van Nuys, Pacoima, Santa Clarita, Canyon Country, Acton, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Palmdale, Lancaster and Rosemond, etc. Why, even the mailman who delivers the mail in Pacoima has been asking around. I just tell them the city is making the Indians jump through a lot of hoops, typical red tape from the city of Ridgecrest and let it go at that. But on April 1 they will be breaking ground, so we shall see…

I am only one person that people have been asking about the casino from the above-noted areas. Can you imagine what other people have asked all other people who escape this city to shop, eat, etc.?

Now think about this…Many tour bases come through Ridgecrest. I don’t know the exact number but during the summertime I have seen three or four of them parked, letting the foreigners out for something to eat, as they come to Death Valley just to experience the heat and the openness of the desert.

Why not guide them to park at the casino for a wonderful buffet? Fast food also is available around that area also…

Perhaps the Indian casino could install a giant shaman with a thermometer, as the city will not spend the coins, and use that for a major tourist attraction.

Patrick Hannan

Story First Published: 2018-02-23