To the Editor: Recommends Griffin interview

This Sunday, Feb. 25, the Lifestyle Magazine Show will feature the counterculture mom, Tina Marie Griffin. A few years ago I had an opportunity to meet Tina during a phone interview for potential speakers for the Pregnancy Care Center. Since that time we have kept in touch.

Tina was an actress in Hollywood, but as a wife and mother, found it difficult to turn a blind eye to Hollywood’s manipulation of our youth, both on-screen and in the audience.

She began her counterculture campaign as a means to expose the "tricks" used to turn seemingly picture-perfect celebrities into idols for our children. It was at a time when social media began spiraling into the glut of information we have today. Within that wave Tina’s mission grew. She now travels the country, further exposing the media’s manipulation of our youth. She offers valuable insights to teens as to how to avoid being a victim, not only of market deception, but of predatory practices.

The Pregnancy Care Center once again has an opportunity to invite Tina to come to Ridgecrest for a speaking engagement. Parents, teens and preteens would benefit greatly from her insights regarding that which is constantly at our children’s fingertips. Most of us feel powerless to unravel it, just accepting an ever-present cloud of fear.

If you would like to learn more about Tina’s program, please don’t miss this opportunity to see her interview on Lifestyle Magazine. She is very excited about the prospect of coming to Ridgecrest, and your feedback would be appreciated.

Erin Higgins, Ridgecrest Pregnancy Care Center

Story First Published: 2018-02-23