To the Editor: Supports parks assessment

“Dirty baseball fields.” When I first lived here in Ridgecrest, yes we had dirty baseball fields because all we had here was dirt. In fact as you drove west on Ridgecrest Boulevard, it was paved all the way from China Lake Boulevard. to Norma Street! Maybe we should have left that street dirt too. Returning to Ridgecrest after my husband retired from the Marine Corps, our sons and daughter played baseball, track, and football, and I must say I always hated to need to use a restroom because they were so horrible, and sometimes they were just locked shut because they weren’t useable. Are they still?

Back then Ridgecrest was so small, and very few people came here for any events, or sports. Highways 395 and 14 were just little two-lane roads, but now they have changed dramatically. Ridgecrest has changed too. We have people coming here to attend football games like the recent CIF game, motocross races, the fair, movies made here and remember the Blue Angels.

City Manager Ron Strand went to city council I believe with the idea to improve our parks and the recreational facilities we have so people can enjoy these facilities. With his background as former chief of Ridgecrest Police Department and living here for some time,he had more in mind than just spending money, in my opinion. I would say that this is a way to give our kids and our families a way to spend their time together having fun and exercise; to get people away from TV, iPods and computers and out in the fresh air to play games together with fun and laughter.

Not everyone lives by a park because they have kids, some people just like living there to have the peace of the park, by trees, grass and just open air instead of another building. A park is a place to walk in, or have lunch or just to enjoy the beauty of the park. My son Mike and I used to go to Upjohn Park to play basketball, and I still enjoy going there to eat lunch. But now that the new play equipment has been put in, it’s so busy that there are always lots of cars and families there. The other day this little girl barely able to walk was excited walking by herself toward the slides while her mom was getting things out of the car. You know when you run and play or just walk, you’re getting the blood and oxygen in your body moving, it strengthens your muscles and makes your bones stronger. It helps to prevent people from having a stroke or worse.

We have a vast majority of special-interest people here who love to be outside, and many tourists are coming here for that reason also. That is good business for Ridgecrest, that is good for our economy.

The Lord Bless America.

Barbara Tunget,

Adopt-A-Cop coordinator

Story First Published: 2018-02-16