EYH sign-ups through Feb. 13

Interactive STEM conference for middle school girls is March 17

EYH sign-ups through Feb. 13Pictured: Engineers coach students through STEM activities during a previous year’s EYH event at McLean Lab. — U.S. Navy photo by Matt Denny


RIDGECREST WOMEN OF MATH AND SCIENCE – The Ridgecrest Women of Math and Science are sponsoring the 17th annual Expanding Your Horizons conference on Saturday, March 17. Sign-ups continue through Tuesday, Feb. 13 and the conference is open to all middle school girls.

The conference is designed to heighten the awareness of 6th–, 7th–, and 8th–grade young women to the importance of adequate math and science preparation. Through participation in fun and exciting hands-on workshops, participants are introduced to applications in math, science, and technology for traditional and non-traditional careers. Local female scientists, physicians, and engineers introduce the students to careers in medicine, engineering, computer science, veterinary medicine and many other fields.

EYH conferences began nationally in 1976, and the first conference held in Ridgecrest was in 2002. Last year our community’s EYH conference helped 152 of our young students see the exciting careers which are open to them by continuing to pursue mathematics and science education. Once again, this year the EYH conference will include Ridgecrest, Kernville, Lake Isabella, and Lone Pine, and will accommodate 175 student participants. For sign-up forms or more information about the conference please visit our website at ridgecrestEYH.org, or email us at RidgecrestEYH@gmail.com.

The Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake management has again generously agreed to allow us to use their Mclean Laboratory facility for the day, and the Ridgecrest Elks Lodge is again helping to sponsor the event. While both of these organizations significantly contribute to the success of the conference, we are still in need of financial and community support. We appreciate your continuing support in advertising the conference by posting the enclosed poster in public spaces for employees and patrons to see.

If you are interested in providing financial support to the Ridgecrest Expanding Your Horizons Conference, the funds will be used to improve the conference, influencing both military and civilian students and their families by demonstrating the importance of math and sciences. The entire budget is $4,000, which pays for lunches, t-shirts, student packets, workshop fees and other conference expenses. The students are charged a ten-dollar commitment fee and scholarships are available for students who cannot afford the fee.

If you feel this donation is a wise investment in our community, please make your check payable to Ridgecrest Women of Math and Science. Inc and mail it to 1500 Mclean Street, #169. Our organization is 501(c)(3) compliant and all donations are tax deductible. All EYH sponsors are listed on our EYH website, on the day of the conference, and in the student packets.

The Ridgecrest Women of Math and Science hope to demonstrate the benefits of education, and the relevance of math and science to our everyday lives. With increased awareness of career opportunities for women in professional fields, our chance for truly changing the future face of the scientific workforce is possible. Thank you for your support.

Story First Published: 2018-02-06