To the Editor: ‘Just say no’ to new tax

Remember the catch phrase “Just Say No”? Keep that in mind, as the acronym JSN, then follow along with me, please.

Recent local news reports on the proposed parks tax assessment show that the new city manager and the Parks Staff are laser focused on pushing another tax on us. They have generated, all on their own initiative, with no prior direction from council, a push to sell us a large wish list of parks improvements and a means to tax us for it — JSN.

Your new city manager lost no time in spending $29,000 to get a marketing survey done to find out how much tax we might go for — JSN. Now he has talked to council about this, made the pitch and got them to spend $15,000 to look deeper to see how it can be pulled off — JSN. In addition, he is now starting to “talk”/campaign to local clubs about how badly we need this tax and how much good it will do the town — JSN.

Excuse me, but was I misunderstanding something when I learned that it is supposed to be our elected representatives who initiate procedures to tax us more? I thought we were supposed to have public discussion about the problem after our city administrators brought up the funding problems, then have public discussion and gather public input on how to solve this problem and then lastly have council discuss with the public how a tax is needed and proceed with starting the process to tax us — if we agree.

What we have going on now is exactly backward from this proper process and needs to be responded to with — JSN, JSN, JSN.

We do not need to be taxed more in the Republic of Taxifornia, especially when we have the city manager usurping the role of our city council. No thorough justification for this proposed tax has been presented to the public, no discussion of how to solve the problem without more taxes has been had with the public, but we have had almost $45,000 of our money spent trying to see how to sell us on the idea.

Well, my suggestion is that lots of people come to Council meets and say JSN to more taxes, JSN to jumping the gun on the proper process, JSN to the City Manager using his salaried time campaigning to the public for more taxes. Do this right or don’t do it at all. JSN

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2018-01-26