To the Editor: Concerned about exclusion

On Jan. 4, I read in the local paper about the local China Lake MWR 2018 Polar Bear Plunge at the Oasis Pool aboard the Navy Base. Boy, did I find it very interesting — and something that I would really like to participate in. But as I read further down the article, I found that it was only open to active military and their dependents, DOD employees and their dependents and contractors.

If you are not employed by the base, you can just basically take a hike and forget about it. Well that bites!

The base has security in areas where tighter security is required and there is really nothing around or near the Oasis Pool of national security.

Does Ridgecrest not often have activities and always invite naval personnel and their families to attend? Are we not supposed to be basically one community working together? This is a fun activity that could bring both the Navy and Ridgecrest communities together for a what I believe would be a very fun enjoyable activity.

I am constantly reading how the Navy is working with Ridgecrest and Ridgecrest is working with the Navy. But limiting this activity to only certain people is giving the impression that the Navy presence here really does not care about Ridgecrest nor its citizens. It is giving the impression it cares about just the Navy, although I am sure that is not the intent.

I am sure, though, that this would be a great time not only for myself and my family but also for other members of the Ridgecrest community who do not work on board station.

Bammer Blackshaw

Story First Published: 2018-01-12