Local Boy Scouts honored for achieving Eagle rank

Kevin Wonnacott

Local Boy Scouts honored for achieving Eagle rankKevin Wonnacott, who completed his Eagle Scout project on Aug. 4, was recognized in a Court of Honor on Dec. 27. A family history enthusiast, Kevin chose to clean headstones, take pictures of and geo-tag them and then extract the data from the pictures onto BillionGraves. com. Several members of the community, young and old, attended the project at Desert Memorial Park on that hot August evening. Some people cleaned the headstones free from debris, pine needles and mud while others brought GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets to take pictures with the BillionGraves app. For a few days after the event, participants were able to transcribe data from more than 2,000 pictures onto the website. — Courtesy photo

Story First Published: 2018-01-05