To the Editor: Disappointed with new tax

Here we go again. More taxes, taxes, taxes.

What’s up with the city manager and our city council? Don’t they understand that we, the citizens of Ridgecrest, are being taxed enough and we are sick and tired of hearing excuse after excuse why we should be more then happy to hand over our money whenever the counsel asks for it.

We are already getting hammered by the federal government in regards to taxation. California just keeps coming with new taxes out of Sacramento to fit their needs. The county of Kern increased our taxes and stopped providing many services. The city council sold Measure L, then V, by scaring people into believing that without them the Ridgecrest Police Department would have to lay off officers.

Before you start begging for more money, the city council should first start by cleaning house in all of the city departments. Get rid of the existing retirement system and go to a 401K retirement plan, or the citizens of Ridgecrest will be constantly asked to give more money yearly to cover retirees’ pensions. It will be the same every year until something changes, and something must change.

Take a close look at what the supervisors in the different departments are being paid, and adjust their pay scales. Don’t just layoff the guy who is on the bottom of the pay scale and tell the community that you have made cuts because you have not.

I, for one, am tired of hearing how bad off the city is every year, and that the citizens need to foot the bill to keep the city running. Do your job and clean your own houses before you come again begging for more taxes from the citizens of Ridgecrest. Most of you were voted into office; others were hired by the city council. So why not surprise everyone and do your job, and quit taking the easy way out and ask for more tax dollars from us. Give us all a break, guys, and look at your house and clean it, before you go asking the citizens again to bail you out. Again!

Bammer Blackshaw

Story First Published: 2017-12-22