Open letter to Ridgecrest City Council: Opposes parks assessment

The effort to approve $92,000 for the parks assessment district effort is premature, to say the least, at this time.

There’s been no public discussion of the parks and recreation budget at all, neither has there been any discussion about the need for an assessment district and the wants and needs of the public in this area. Our tax money has been spent to the amount of more than $29,000 to “survey” members of the public on their responsiveness to a parks assessment or the need to just keep things maintained.

The ability of the public to provide input in this matter is completely being denied and the efforts of the citizens who are interested in helping the city improve and their abilities to help fashion monetary efficiencies before large expenditures of funds are also being denied.

I strongly suggest that this proposal be tabled for at least two months until proper public input and information to the public can be provided. The public needs opportunity to provide input at the Parks and Recreation Committee meetings and at a public hearing of the city council which is well advertised to the public so that our citizens can attend and voice their support, give their input and help the city council make a fair decision for all the citizens, not just something that will take money out of everyone’s pocket to benefit possibly just a small percentage of the city.

Without this proper input and public discussion, I can never support this tax and in fact will have to oppose it actively because the process will just simply not be fair to our town. We need all the input available for the Parks and Rec Department as to their budget expenditures and their attempt at cost efficiencies so the public can help them improve these things first, before asking for more tax money from our people.

Therefore I ask you consider my request and table this until much more for further discussion on the subject has taken place.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2017-12-22