For Stacie Fisher, cancer is personal

Rebecca Neipp

News Review Staff Writer

For Stacie Fisher,  cancer is personal“All people experience cancer, whether through family, friends or your own experience.” For Stacie Fisher, that experience was personal.

Fisher, a registered nurse, has been working at Ridgecrest Hospital for 26 years — filling positions ranging from medical-surgical floor nurse to clinical manager. About 16 years ago, she moved to the Outpatient Pavillion. With the opening of the new Cancer Center, she will be drawing on her personal battle to inform the care she provides to her patients.

In 2010, she was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. For a large portion of her treatment, she had to travel to receive care (though some of that travel was of her own choosing).

“If there had been an opportunity to receive my chemotherapy at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital, I most definitely would have done so!” she said. “It changes your life forever, and those who love you, and being close to home makes a small part of a life-changing event easier.”

Thanks to the support of her family, friends and amazing medical team, she successfully completed surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. “I can confidently state that I am a seven-year survivor!”

Like many other survivors, Fisher found that her experience with cancer put all things in her life into perspective.

“I am so very excited and honored to have an opportunity to offer a choice for patients to receive a part of their cancer care closer to home,” she said. “Education, resources, support, compassion, coordination of care, quality of life, medical and nonmedical needs are all part of your experience in cancer or any life-altering health event.”

With UC Davis on board, “We have been given the opportunity to provide even more for the community of Ridgecrest that so many call home.”

Fisher’s role at the Cancer Center will be primarily as part of the team serving under the direction of Dr. Everard Hughes, the medical oncologist.

As a nurse navigator she will offer individualized assistance to patients, families and caregivers facing the overwhelming system of care management.

“The entire Cancer Center team is focused on quality care and helping to ease the struggles of such a diagnosis.”

She thanked the many people in the community who have offered their support and encouragement throughout the process of bringing the new clinic to life.

“As has been stated numerous times, it takes a village,” said Fisher. “No one should go through this alone, and if there is any part that can be offered to ease the struggles and stress of a cancer diagnosis, I am honored to assist!”

Story First Published: 2017-11-10