LRASM team gets excellence award

LRASM team gets excellence awardNAWCWD CHINA LAKE — In recognition of their development and implementation of a kill chain testbed for the Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile, teammates at Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division received Research and Engineering Excellence awards during a recent ceremony.

The team developed the kill chain test bed as both a system design tool and a tool that will be used to assess the performance of the LRASM in its employed environment.

Additionally, the architecture of the tool can be used to support other programs creating a “Lego-block approach to building a kill chain simulation.”

“The kill chain test bed is an example of going fast and looking at an entirely new way of doing business,” said Joan Johnson, NAWCWD executive director.

“I’m just in awe of what you all have done, and what you continue to do. Thank you for not being afraid to do things a different way and for demonstrating to the rest of our team and to Naval Air Systems Command that not only do we know how to do this, but we also know that it’s the right thing to do. If you don’t take any chances, you don’t get anything new done.”

Pictured: Members of the Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile Kill Chain Testbed Team celebrate receiving NAWCWD Research and Engineering Excellence awards. -- U.S. Navy photo by Paul Kakert

Story First Published: 2017-11-03